Die Begeisterung für die reizenden simplen Modelle von Scamold und SMEC hat uns motiviert, in der Baugrösse 1:32 aktiv zu werden.

Vielleicht können unsere nostalgischen Modelle in der Vitrine einen Platz neben ihren historischen Vorgängern finden.

Als erster soll ein MG R type von 1935 erscheinen.


Über SMEC und Scamold an dieser Stelle bald mehr!


Hersteller: Scale Model Equipment Co.

Grand Prix Series

Nr. 1  Mercedes W 154

Nr. 2  Bugatti 3,3 (Typ 59)

Nr. 3  Alta 1,5 Litre, 2 Ausführungen

Nr. 4  ERA E Type, Ausführungen GP1 (Vorkrieg) und GP2 (Nachkrieg)

Nr. 5  Alfa Romeo 159 (Alfetta)

Sports Car Series

Jaguar XK 120, eine Auführung in Holz, eine zweite mit Kunststoff-Karosserie

Maserati A6GCS

HRG Aerodynamic



Bugatti 3,3 ltr. 


Scale Models Ltd. produced SCAMOLD modelcars in Weybridge near the famous Brooklands track from 1939 till about 1950.


Ready made models:

101  E.R.A. race car

103  Maserati race car

105  Alta race car (note: ALTA, not to be mistaken with Alfa Romeo!)



Austin 7 Single-seater 750 ccm

Bugatti Typ 35 (or is it 51?)

E.R.A. E-type (prototype only?)

Riley TT

MG TC (have you ever seen one?)

Bentley Le Mans Tourer



The legendary E.R.A. E-type by Scamold

with the well known Maserati behind

Scamold # 103 Maserati 




Scamold  Austin 7 Single Seater

The Austin Seven racer was sold as an "Ali Kit" and consisted of a massive cast aluminium body, axles, wheels, exhaust tube an various small parts.

It supposedly was quite difficult to build a decent model.

Built models are quite rare.  




Bugatti type 51


emmy MG R with Scamold Maserati and Alta

Riley TT

So far I have only seen one Riley TT model by Scamold and have not been able to purchase it.

That is why I am building one myself (I have original drawings/plans of the Scamold model)

This is the fourth attempt. Better than the previous ones, but still not happy with the shape of the radiator surround. 


Spares for Scamold models

Available now: exhaust for Alta, white metal reproduction part

Available now: reproduction tyres

buy 4 tyres for £ 8.- plus postage (postage to the UK is £ 2.- for as many tyres as you wish to buy) 

see below what a model looks like with a bad old tyre and what improvement our new replacement tyre will make